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No. 13

Monday, December 16, 1996.

1 o'clock p.m.



Mr. LeBlanc, Member for Kennebecasis, laid upon the table of the House a petition signed by residents of Kennebecasis Valley Communities recording their objection and protest concerning any proposed amalgamation with the city of Saint John. (Petition 6)


Bills Introduced

The following Bill was introduced and read the first time:

By Hon. Mr. Frenette, on behalf of Hon. Mr. Blanchard,

Bill 30, An Act to Amend the Assessment Act.

Ordered that the said Bill be read a second time at the next sitting.


Government Motions re Business of House

On motion of Hon. Mr. Frenette, seconded by Hon. Mr. Tyler,

RESOLVED, that when the House adjourns, it stand adjourned until Tuesday, December 17, 1996, at 8.30 o'clock a.m.


Hon. Mr. Frenette announced that today the Order of Business would be resumption of the Budget Debate and further consideration of Bill 23 in Committee of the Whole House.


Second Reading

The following Bills were read the second time and ordered referred to the Committee of the Whole House.

Bill 28, An Act to Amend the Family Services Act.

Bill 29, An Act to Amend the Judicature Act.


Budget Debate

The Order of the Day for resuming the adjourned debate on the Motion (Motion 61) that this House approves in general the budgetary policy of the government, having been read,

The debate was resumed,

And the debate continuing, and after some time, it was on motion of Hon. Mr. Frenette, on behalf of Mr. LeBlanc, adjourned over.


Committee of the Whole

The House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole with Mr. MacDonald in the Chair.

During consideration of Bill 23, An Act to Amend the Municipal Assistance Act, Hon. Mrs. Breault proposed certain amendments to sections 6 and 15 of the Bill.

It was agreed by unanimous consent that the Committee recess to allow Members to review the proposed amendments to the Bill.

The Chairman declared a recess at 4.12 p.m.

4.25 o'clock p.m.

Mr. Chairman resumed the chair.

Hon. Mr. Valcourt rose on a Point of Order, his point of order being that the proposed amendment to section 6 of the Bill amounted to a negation of the Bill as approved at second reading. The Hon. Leader suggested that the proposed amendment was out of order as it was destructive of the principle of the Bill as agreed to at second reading citing paragraphs 689(1)(2)(5) and 9 and 698(5) of Beauchesne's Parliamentary Rules and Forms, 6th Edition.

Hon. Mr. Frenette and Hon. Mrs. Breault also spoke on the point of order.

The Chairman, Mr. MacDonald declared a recess at 4.36 o'clock p.m. to consider the point of order.

5.10 o'clock p.m.

The Committee resumed.

Chairman's Ruling

Mr. Chairman delivered the following ruling;

Honourable Members,

I want to thank the Hon. Leader of the Opposition for his input, as well as that of the Government House Leader, and Minister.

I have considered the amendment carefully and it is my opinion that it does not enlarge on the principle of the Bill as agreed to at Second Reading.

The Bill gives authority to establish the unconditional grant formula for municipalities.

Under Bill 23, the formula would be established by regulation. The proposed amendment to section 6 of the Bill will set out the formula in the Act rather than by regulation. In my opinion, the amendment is relevant to the Bill and does not amend the Bill in a manner that is destructive of the principle as approved at Second Reading. The authority to establish a formula remains whether it is contained in the Act or in regulations. The amendment will therefore proceed.

During further consideration of Bill 23, it was agreed by unanimous consent to dispense with reading of the amendment to section 6 of the Bill and to deem the amendment to have been read into the record.

After some further time spent in Committee of the Whole, Mr. O'Donnell took the chair.

And after some further time spent therein, Mr. Speaker resumed the chair and Mr. O'Donnell, the Chairman, after requesting Mr. Speaker revert to the Order of Presentations of Committee Reports, reported:

That the Committee had directed him to report progress on the following Bill:

Bill 23, An Act to Amend the Municipal Assistance Act.

And the Committee asked leave to make a further report.

Pursuant to Standing Rule 78.1, Mr. Speaker then put the question on the motion deemed to be before the House, that the report be concurred in, and it was resolved in the affirmative.


And then, 5.56 o'clock p.m., the House adjourned.


The following document, having been deposited with the Clerk of the House, was deemed laid before the table of the House, pursuant to Standing Rule 39:

Survey of 1995 University Graduates - December 13, 1996

Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
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