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No. 26

Tuesday, February 3, 1998.

1 o'clock p.m.


During Statements by Members, Mr. Speaker requested that Mr. Mockler withdraw a certain unparliamentary term, which he did.


Bills Introduced

The following Bills were introduced and read the first time:

By Hon. Mr. King,

Bill 36, An Act to Amend the Marriage Act.

Bill 37, An Act to Amend the Change of Name Act.

Ordered that the said Bills be read a second time at the next sitting.


Notices of Motions

Mr. Robichaud gave Notice of Motion 87 that on Tuesday, February 10, 1998, he would move the following resolution, seconded by Mr. Volpé:

WHEREAS this Government has a record of failed public-private partnerships; and

WHEREAS those failed deals have cost the taxpayers of New Brunswick millions of dollars; and

WHEREAS the Auditor General reports that government departments lack a systematic approach for identifying appropriate areas or programs for privatization; and

WHEREAS the Justice Minister has attributed public-private partnership failures to the lack of a clear and firm understanding of the goals, objectives, complexity and assignments of responsibilities;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Legislative Assembly ask the government to consider drafting a legislative protocol in which public-private partnership projects can be publicly analyzed and further consider a moratorium on any public-private partnerships now under consideration until the protocol is established.


Mr. Mockler gave Notice of Motion 88 that on Thursday, February 12, 1998, he would move the following resolution, seconded by Mr. Mesheau:

That an address be presented to Her Honour the Lieutenant-Governor, praying that she cause to be laid upon the table of the House copies of all maintenance costs including repairs and renovations done to the Devon School for the past twenty years.


Government Motions re Business of House

Hon. Mr. Tyler announced that it was the intention of government that following Private Members' Motions, the House resolve itself into a Committee of Supply to consider the estimates of the Department of Health and Community Services, followed by those of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, and the Department of Natural Resources and Energy.


Private Members' Motions

Debate resumed on the amendment to Motion 3, moved by Mr. Allaby, seconded by Mr. Duffie, as follows:


That Motion 3 be amended as follows:

1. In the first paragraph, by deleting the word "promised" and replacing it with the word "demonstrated", and by deleting the words "would be" and also by inserting the words "by steps toward self-sufficiency is a" after the word "province":

2. In the second paragraph by deleting the words "the level of" and replacing them with the word "any", and by deleting the words "continues to be among the highest in the country and" and by deleting the words "many people in our province" and replacing them with the words "the people affected";

3. In the resolution clause, by deleting the words "to honour its commitment by immediately implementing" and by substituting the words "to continue to implement".

And after some time, due to the unavoidable absence of Mr. Speaker, Mr. MacDonald, the Deputy Speaker, took the chair as Acting Speaker.

And after some further time, Mr. Speaker resumed the chair.

And after some time, Mr. Speaker interrupted proceedings and advised that the time allotted for Private Members' Motions had expired.


Committee of Supply

The House, according to Order, resolved itself into a Committee of Supply with Mr. MacDonald in the chair.

And after some time spent therein, Mr. Speaker resumed the chair and Mr. MacDonald, the Chairman, after requesting that Mr. Speaker revert to Presentations of Committee Reports, reported that the Committee had made some progress in the consideration of the matters referred to them, and asked leave to sit again.

Pursuant to Standing Rule 78.1, Mr. Speaker then put the question on the motion deemed to be before the House, that the report be concurred in, and it was resolved in the affirmative.


And then, 5.57 o'clock p.m., the House adjourned.

Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
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