Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
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(The electronic version of the following Journal of the Legislative Assembly is for information purposes only. The printed version remains the official version.)

Daily Sitting 28

Friday, April 7, 2000.

10 o'clock a.m.


The Order of the Day for resuming the adjourned debate on the motion (Motion 77),

That this House approves in general the budgetary policy of the government, having been read,

The debate was resumed.

And after some time, the debate was interrupted by disorder in the galleries.

Mr. Speaker advised the House and those in the galleries that under the Standing Rules of the Legislative Assembly, visitor were not allowed to participate in the proceedings. Mr. Speaker advised that if the disorder and interruptions from the galleries continued, he would be required to recess the proceedings.

At 10.16 o'clock a.m., the disorder in the galleries having continued, Mr. Speaker declared a recess.

11.45 o'clock a.m.

Mr. Speaker resumed the chair.

And the debate continuing,

And the debate being ended, and the question being put, it was resolved in the affirmative, on the following recorded division:

YEAS - 42
Hon. Mr. E. Robichaud Hon. Mr. P. Robichaud Mr. McGraw
Hon. Mr. N. Betts Mr. J. Betts Mr. Steeves
Hon. Mr. Lord Mrs. Fowlie Mr. Jordan
Hon. Mr. Green Mr. LeBlanc Mr. Landry
Hon. Mr. D. Graham Ms. Poirier Mr. Laforest
Hon. Mrs. Blaney Mr. Cosman Ms. Keddy
Hon. Mr. Mockler Mr. Carr Mr. Huntjens
Hon. Mr. Furlong Mr. Weston Mr. Savoie
Hon. Mr. Mesheau Mr. Malley Mr. Cyr
Hon. Mr. MacFarlane Mr. Stiles Mr. Ashfield
Hon. Mrs. Jardine Mr. MacDonald Mr. Bernard
Hon. Mr. Volpé Mr. Forbes Mr. MacKenzie
Hon. Mr. Sherwood Mr. Holder Ms. Dubé
Hon. Mrs. MacAlpine Mr. Kinney Mr. Alward

NAYS - 9
Mr. Blanchard Mr. B. Thériault Mrs. Mersereau
Mr. Allaby Mr. Haché Mr. Richard
Mr. C. Thériault Mr. S. Graham Ms. Weir

Mr. Speaker, at the request of Hon. Mr. Green, reverted to Government Motions for the Ordering of the Business of the House.

Hon. Mr. Green announced that it was the intention of the government that the House resolve itself into a Committee of Supply to be granted to Her Majesty forthwith.

The House, according to Order, resolved itself into a Committee of Supply with Mr. Bernard in the Chair.

And after some time spent therein, Mr. Speaker resumed the chair and Mr. Bernard, the Chairman, after requesting that Mr. Speaker revert to Presentations of Committee Reports, reported that the Committee, proceeding in the matter under consideration, had passed the following resolution:

RESOLVED, that the supply be granted to Her Majesty.

And he was directed to ask leave to sit again.

Mr. Bernard moved, seconded by Hon. Mr. Lord,

THAT the House does concur with the Committee of Supply in the report and agrees in its resolution that Supply be granted to Her Majesty.

And the question being put, it was resolved in the affirmative.

Hon. Mr. Green requested that Mr. Speaker revert to Government Motions for the Ordering of the Business of the House.

On motion of Hon. Mr. Green, seconded by Hon. Mr. Lord,

RESOLVED, that consideration of Estimates in Committee of Supply be added to the Orders of the Day until such time as they are dispatched.

And then, 12.48 o'clock p.m., the House adjourned.