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Daily Sitting 39

Friday, April 20, 2001.

10 o'clock a.m.


Hon. Mr. Green laid upon the table of the House a document entitled Investor Information Kit, Department of Justice, Securities Administration Branch.


The following Bill was introduced and read a first time:

By Hon. Mr. Volpé,

Bill 43, An Act to Amend the Gas Distribution Act, 1999.

Ordered that the said Bill be read a second time at the next sitting.


Hon. Mr. Green announced that it was the intention of the government that the House resolve itself into a Committee of Supply to continue consideration of the estimates of the Department of Natural Resources and Energy.


The House, according to Order, resolved itself into a Committee of Supply with Mr. Bernard in the chair.

And after some time, Mr. Ashfield took the chair.

And after some further time spent therein, Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair and Mr. Ashfield, the Chairman, after requesting that Mr. Speaker revert to Presentations of Committee Reports, reported that the Committee had had under consideration the matters referred to them, had made some progress therein and asked leave to sit again.

Pursuant to Standing Rule 78.1, Mr. Speaker then put the question on the motion deemed to be before the House, that the report be concurred in, and it was resolved in the affirmative.


And then, 2 o'clock p.m., the House adjourned


The following documents, having been deposited with the Clerk of the House, were deemed laid before the Table of the House, pursuant to Standing Rule 39:

Documents requested in Notices of Motions 44, 49, 55, 64, and 67 - April 19, 2001

Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
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