Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick
MLA Compensation Review Commission 2007

Report of the MLA Compensation Review Commission 2007

Table of Contents

Volume I

Cover Letter

The Economy


Committee Meetings
Re-establishment Allowances
Career Counseling



Current Canadian and Maine Reviews
    Alberta Nunavut
    British Columbia Ontario
    Maine Prince Edward Island
    Manitoba Québec
    Newfoundland and Labrador Saskatchewan
    Northwest Territories Yukon
    Nova Scotia  

Executive Council and Special Responsibilities


Cabinet Ministers
The Speaker and Deputy Speakers
Leader of the Opposition

Recognized Third Party
Salary Recommendations

Conclusion and Focus

Focal Points


Appendix A-1: Curricula Vitae
Appendix A-2: Terms of Reference
Appendix A-3: Newspaper Notice
Appendix A-4: Public Questionnaire
Appendix A-5: Current Members' Survey No. 1
Appendix A-6: Current Members' Survey No. 2
Appendix A-7: Former Members' Survey
Appendix A-8: Economic Conditions in N.B.
Appendix A-9: Results of Current Members' Survey No. 1
Appendix A-10: Income from Committees, 2004-05.
Appendix A-11: Income from Committees, 2005-06
Appendix A-12: N.B. MLA Salary History 1979 to date

Appendix A-13:

Current Canadian Salaries of MLAs
Appendix A-14: Media References to the Commission
Appendix A-15: "First Impression Views"
Appendix A-16: Income in New Brunswick (Statistics Canada)
Appendix A-17: N.B. MLAs' Salaries Compared to CPI/Real Income for 2006
Appendix A-18: Ontario MPPs' Salaries as of April 1, 2007
Appendix A-19: Premiers' Salaries across Canada
Appendix A-20: Current Portfolios of Executive Council
Appendix A-21: . Leaders of the Opposition who Became Premier in N.B.
Appendix A-22: Salary Recommendations
Appendix A-23: Life Expectancy in N.B. (Statistics Canada)
Appendix A-24: Monthly Pension payable at 8 sessions and 6 sessions
Appendix A-25: Types of Pension Plans that are Cost Neutral
Appendix A-26: MLA Pension Plans across Canada
Appendix A-27: Pension Plans Administered by N.B. Governement
Appendix A-28: End notes

Volume II

Appendix B-1: 1980 New Brunswick Compensation Review
Appendix B-2: Manitoba Compensation Reviews
Appendix B-3: Nova Scotia Compensation Review
Appendix B-4: Québec MNA Compensation
Appendix B-5: State of Maine: Legislators' Handbook
MLA Compensation Review Commission 2007
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