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A Message from the Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick

It is with joy and humility that I have accepted the responsibility of serving as the 29th Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick and the representative of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in this province that we share and that constitutes our anchor, our common space, and our collective undertaking.

The Office of the Lieutenant Governor is of the utmost importance for New Brunswick. It is a direct and symbolic link to our democratic process. But it is also a physical link, extending to the people and to the province itself - the territory, the land and the waters that nourish it.

It is my intention to see as much of our province as my mandate will allow - to travel as many roads as there are interests and to see as many people as my eyes can take in.

The First Nations people believe that it is not the people who make the land - it is the land that makes them, that makes us. Living in New Brunswick has shaped the way we have of doing things, the way we have of taking our time and of experiencing the environment around us. This is why living here, living in this day and age, has always been one of the most important subjects for me - both as an artist and as a thinker.

To my mind, culture constitutes a vital element. It contains both the history of the world and our own personal history. We are its heirs and its continuation. However, culture refers not just to the production of works of art but also to the way in which we live together, the way in which we express ourselves, the way in which we leave a record for the future generations to whom we are accountable.

Most of my life has been devoted to culture, but culture, in a sense, is much more than the arts. It is a way of life. Therefore, it would be fitting to say that this will continue to be one of my main priorities - but in a sense, culture extends far beyond the arts. Because I am a writer, literacy will also be a very important issue - as it has been for my predecessor - and one to which I plan to devote a great deal of my time.

The artist that I am will continue to live with the Lieutenant Governor that I have become. Naturally, the arts and culture will always be important elements in the way that I express myself and the way that I am. As a writer, it is only natural that literacy should represent, as it has for my predecessor, a dimension of great interest to me.

New Brunswickers have much to offer to one another. I will try to use my office as a bridge - a bridge based on our similarities, but a bridge also grounded in our differences, because it is only through genuine acceptance and understanding of our differences will we be able to achieve true respect and honesty with one another.

Thank you.

Herménégilde Chiasson
Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick

Office of the Lieutenant-Governor
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