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Driver Examiner Services

Driver Examiner Offices are located at 36 examining stations or SNB Centres around the Province. Driver examiners test qualified people wishing to obtain a new driver's licence or to upgrade their existing licence to operate a motor vehicle. Appointments can be made by telephone at local offices and testing is available in both official languages.

The following Driver Examining Services are available at your local SNB office:

  • Basic Driver's Licence
  • Graduated Driver's Licence
  • Motor Driven/Motor Cycle Licence
  • Upgrade Driver's Licence for:
    • motorcycle
    • truck
    • bus
    • ambulance
    • taxi
    • airbrakes
  • Commercial Vehicle Driver's Licence
  • Tractor, straight truck, bus/school bus
  • Vision screening
  • Appointments for written test (oral if necessary), and road test
  • Internet Motor Vehicle Act and Driver Handbook
  • Highway safety inquiries
  • Information on driver training schools and specialty courses such as motorcycle and snowmobile
  • Inquiries on Motor Vehicle laws and traffic rules

Service New Brunswick TeleServices Phone Numbers

Within the province:
1-888-762-8600 (No Charge Dial)

Outside the province:
1 (506) 684-7901

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