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Single Window Delivery of Government Services

South Africa
SNB consultants worked with officials in Northern Cape Province, South Africa to open the country's first single-window service delivery office. Under the auspices to the International Research Development Centre SNB consultants led a process to open the first centre in Kimberly, offering municipal, provincial and national services through a single access point.

SNB was part of a team of Canadian public servants who assisted the government of Egypt in assessing progress of that country's one-stop shops for government business. The deliverables were:

  • Assessment of the current service delivery operation
  • Identification of success and good practices
  • Identification of deficiencies and a plan of action for improvement

Delegations to explore SNB Service Delivery systems have been received from:

  • Egypt
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • England

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