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An SNB consultant served as chief technical advisor to the Jamaica Land Titling Project between 1990 and 1993. This was an Inter-American Development Bank project under which land titles were issued to over 10,000 settlers. Government of Jamaica employees were trained in use of geographic information systems. Computer-based GIS solutions and new photogrammetric equipment were introduced to the Lands Department, Survey Department and Land Titles Office of Jamaica.

Ivory Coast
The project, managed by Group Roy Consultants of New Brunswick, began with the automation of rural cadastre. It involved developing standards for digital files and building a prototype. Local private sector companies were trained to do digital mapping, and to use the system. Government was trained to maintain quality control. Service New Brunswick provided technical staff for this project.
Delegations to explore SNB GIS systems have been received from:

  • Massachusetts (USA)
  • Brazil
  • Poland
  • Trinidad

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