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Survey Control Information

SNB is responsible for the maintenance of the Provincial survey control grid for New Brunswick. A control survey network for the province, consisting of over 24,500 monuments, is maintained by SNB. The system, with its fully automated database, is supported by electronic imaging technologies. The Corporation is implementing a network based on Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Migration to the GPS survey control framework will be completed in 1998.


Monument Values:
Paper $1.00/page
Electronic medium MS Access, ASCII format $75.00 province
Monument Sketches/Descriptions:
Paper $1.00/page
Electronic Medium - 2 CD-ROM
(PDF format for ATS77 network)(PDF format for the NBHPN) Available in 1999
$75.00 province
Monument Index Map:
Paper $7.00/page
Electronic medium Included in the 2 CD-ROM - PDF format as mentioned in the sketch description above.
Survey calculations:
Routine co-ordinate conversion $3.00/point
Co-ordinate conv., lat. + long $3.00/point
($10.00 minimum for both items)
(Distributed on CD-ROM only.)
$100.00 (includes the grid shift file for NB)
NB Grid shift file only
(For NTv2, GIS or other software applications)

GPS-HT v2.0 (CD) includes:

Software: GPS-HT v2.0
Models: HT1.01; HT97; GSD95; Arctic96 (north of latitude 72 degrees)

Canadian Coverage - $500.00
East, West or Northern Coverage - $300.00


The National Transformation Software Package - Grid shift interpolation software and data to provide a national solution for transforming coordinates between NAD27 and NAD83. CD ROM version contains graphical analysis of regional shifts. (Available for DOS PC)

Prices for the NTV@ products:

CD-ROM $195.00
Floppy Disks $290.00
Manuals $ 24.00
Developer's Licence (includes CD-ROM) $995.00
CD-ROM wholesale for re-distribution (minimum 20 units) $ 50.00

GSD will licence the NTv2 for incorporation as a feature in GIS, cartographic, coordinate computation, and other geomatics-related software products. Inquiries are invited from interested developers.

All prices are in Canadian funds and do not include applicable taxes or shipping charges. Shipping in Canada/US minimum $5.00 and all other destinations minimum $20.00.

These software packages are available through Geodetic Survey of Canada, but the New Brunswick Grid shift file to use for NTv2 in New Brunswick is only available from SNB. SNB distributes a New Brunswick subset of NTv2 (Subset is the executable only without the source code and distribution rights.)

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