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Assessment Services - HISTORY

Prior to 1967, real property assessment was the responsibility of each municipality based on local statutes that sometimes resulted in inconsistencies throughout the Province. With the introduction of "The Program of Equal Opportunity" in New Brunswick in 1967, the assessment function was given to the Province for delivery through the Department of Municipal Affairs. It was through this measure that consistency and equity in real property assessment would be achieved.

The function remained the responsibility of the Department of Municipal Affairs until 1990. At that time three fundamental functions of land information were amalgamated to form the New Brunswick Geographic Information Corporation. This new Corporation was formed by combining the land registry function from the Department of Justice; the assessment function from the Department of Municipal Affairs, and the mapping function of the Land Registration and Information Services (LRIS), a division of the Council of Maritime Premiers. The purpose of this new Corporation was to provide a "One Stop Shop" for land information.

In June 1996, the New Brunswick Geographic Information Corporation, the Revenue Offices and Service Centres from the Department of Finance merged to form Service New Brunswick. The Motor Vehicle Branch of the Department of Transportation was later transferred to the new Corporation. A wide variety of government services and programs are now available at most Service New Brunswick Centres located throughout the Province.

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