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News & Announcements - August, 2000

Provincial Implementation of Land Titles!

Service New Brunswick is pleased to announce that New Brunswick will be moving to a Land Titles System for the registration of real property. The amended Land Titles Act will first be implemented in Albert County in September 2000. Implementation will continue in other counties in 2000-2001.

What is Land Titles?

Land Titles is a parcel based registration system which utilizes a Parcel Identifier (PID) to uniquely identify parcels of land and to record interests in that land. Unlike the Registry System, which has existed in New Brunswick for over 200 years, once parcels have been converted to Land Titles as "registered land", the interests of individuals and enterprises in a parcel are guaranteed by the province.

A Certificate of Registered Ownership (a snapshot of the title answering the questions: Where is it? Who owns it? What are the charges against it?) is issued for each registered parcel every time a change occurs (for example, by transfer or mortgage), so that the title register always shows the current state of the title without any further investigation.

What are the benefits of Land Titles?

  • Time consuming title searches to support the transfer of real property will be a thing of the past. Land Titles will make the transfer of real property more efficient and less costly for the citizens of New Brunswick.
  • The provincially guaranteed Certificate of Registered Ownership is a comprehensive title certificate, which will provide greater security to landowners and lending institutions.

The re-engineering of the provincial registry system requires a restructuring of the registration fees for the Registry and Land Titles systems. A table outlining the new fee structure and changes can be found below.

A) Amendments to the Fees Regulation - The Registry Act (Reg. 94-121)

B) Amendments to the General Regulation - Land Titles Act (Reg. 83-130 Schedule B)

C) Schedule for Implementation of Land Titles

For more information, please contact: Andrew MacNeil, PLANET Implementation Manager, Service New Brunswick, ph: 506 643 2894

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