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Real Property Directives, Guidelines & News

Land Titles News:

SNB Financial System Improvement - June 2002
Image Viewing - April 2002 (511K .PDF)
Update - Land Titles News - March 2001
What should I know about Land Titles? - January 2001
Provincial Implementation of Land Titles - August 2000

Real Property Directives:

Naming Conventions


Remote Registration of Land Titles Instruments 2001-002 27K
Clients' personal office equipment & furniture in SNB Offices 2001-003 14K
Storage of Land Titles documents 2001-004 31K
Affidavit of Transfer & Payment of Property Taxes 2001-005 24K
Rejecting a Registry Document Registered in Error 2001-006 19K
Fees for Subdivision Registration 2001-007 19K
PID Databank
PID Databank Applications - Single PID - Multiple descriptions 3001-001 24K
PID Databank Applications - Administrative Consolidation 3001-002 48K
Benefits 3001-004 22K
Remnant Descriptions 3001-005 22K
Consolidation Descriptions 3001-006 22K
Applications for First Registration
AFRs - Joint Tenancy Survivor - Names 3900-001 18K
AFRs - Deceased Joint Tenants - Estate - Names 3900-002 21K
AFRs - Life Estates 3900-003 18K
AFRs - Bankruptcies - Names 3900-004 18K
AFRs - Crown Departments - Names 3900-005 20K
Plans as Enabling Instruments on AFRs 3900-006 20K
Subsequent Registrations
Original Wills 1210-001 21K
Crown Grants 1700-001 25K
Long Term Leases 2100-001 24K
Partial Release of Easement 2200-001 24K
Change of Name 3200-001 21K
Condominiums 3300-001 21K
Employee Lien 5710-001 17K
Plans of Survey 9040-001 25K
Subdivision Plans - Process for annexing parcels 9050-001 26K
Subdivision Plans - Identification of Public Utility Interests 9050-002 23K
Land Titles Subdivision Plans - Signature of Owner(s) or Agent 9050-003 21K

Procedural Guide for Land Titles:

Procedural Guide for Land Titles



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