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Welcome to SNB Online - Corporate Affairs Registry

How Accurate and Timely is the Registry?

Accuracy and Timeliness of the Registry

The Internet version of the Corporate Affairs Registry is normally a current/real time extract of the operational database used by Corporate Affairs.

The extract version of the Registry that is on the Internet sets out information items viewed as most useful to members of the public to access. This is under continual reassessment based on stakeholder comments.

Note to Users

Registration documents are received by the Corporate Affairs Branch and reviewed prior to officially filing the document and issuing any relevant related document, e.g. Certificate of Incorporation. In the normal course, this results in a delay between receipt of the documents and the eventual approval, filing and issuance by Corporate Affairs. Upon completion of these procedures, the Registry's database is then updated.

As well, the user should be aware that in the normal course, as permitted by various Acts, the approval/filing/issuance by Corporate Affairs, for example, of a Certificate of Incorporation, may be backdated to the date of receipt of the documents.

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