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  Identification of Herbicide Use Patterns Compatible with IPM Programs in Cranberry

K. Patterson1, G. McMillan1 and M. G. Sampson1

Partner: The New Brunswick Cranberry Growers Association and the Nova Scotia Cranberry Growers Association

Abstract: After two seasons of greenhouse and field trials to evaluate weed control products for use as foliar applications in cranberries, a second phase of the project was initiated to identify the optimum herbicide use pattern for products selected for further study from phase one. Trials were conducted at four sites, two in New Brunswick and two in Nova Scotia. Visual ratings on crop tolerance and weed control were taken at intervals throughout the summer. Yield data were collected from all sites. The products selected for further field study included chlorimuron-ethyl, triasulfuron, rimsulfuron, nicosulfuron/rimsulfuron, nicosulfuron and propyzamide. The New Brunswick sites hosted stand alone dose response trials with application rates of the selected herbicides applied at 2 field rate, field rate and 2X field rate. The Nova Scotia sites had timing trials initiated where the selected herbicides were applied at field rate following industry standard applications of dichlobenil. The timings were early spring pre-bloom and post-bloom applications applied to separate experiments. Results have led to priority rankings for minor use registration considerations. In order of priority as discussed at NSAC, chlorimuron-ethyl and triasulfuron rank highest; nicosulfuron/rimsulfuron and propyzamide are interchangeable as third and fourth ranked followed by nicosulfuron as fifth ranked.

1Department of Environmental Sciences, Nova Scotia Agricultural College Truro, NS, B2N 5E3

Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
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